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Contenuto archiviato il 2024-06-16

Restructuring demining research from regional, initiatives within Europe


Humanitarian de-mining R&D has made good progress. There is now a better overview of R&D activities and communication between researchers has improved thanks to information sharing initiatives. Current research shows a stronger tie with end user needs and more emphasis on area reduction, trace explosive detection and remote sensing as well as environmental and soil conditions and a better understanding of the limitations of sensors and techniques Nonetheless, European R&D is still too fragmented, reducing its competitive potential. There is still no co-ordination between national research initiatives and insufficient collaboration of military oriented research and international projects as well as a lack of coordination between military and humanitarian de-mining R&D. DELVE will address these issues by catalysing the restructuring and defragmenting of European de-mining research, thereby strengthening the European Research Area.

Its goals are to:
(a) improve co-ordination between research activities by mapping ongoing research initiatives and results;
(b) enhance Internet-based communication to provide structured and efficient information;
(c) encourage synergy and complementarities between disciplines and actors and disseminate knowledge, experience and results via forums, and
(d) promoting long term sustainability and structure. DELVE will build on previous initiatives but will go further.

It will:
(a) avoid research duplication by encouraging end users to collaborate (using a pro-active, but non-coercive role) and inform (R&D) decision makers about latest developments and requirements;
(b) maintaining and restructuring a central repository of de-mining related information (DELVE Website);
(c) encouraging the creation of Regional Networks;
(d) enhancing researcher mobility;
(e) generating clear overviews of national/supranational research;
(f) fostering contacts (active and passive);
(g) helping new member states, with R&D potential to quickly integrate.

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