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Support for SMEs collaborative aeronautical technical research-Integrated Projects

Final Report Summary - SCRATCH-IP (Support for SMEs collaborative aeronautical technical research-integrated projects)

SCRATCH-IP has focused on Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) involved in the serospace supply chain (around 7 000 SMEs). This action dealt with Integrated Projects (IPs) led by small enterprises in the field of aerospace (SCRATCH partnership servicing). SMEs integrated projects (or large STREPs) proposals have been serviced by the SCRATCH-IP partnership.

SCRATCH IP had the following objectives:
- to help already audited SMEs (500) to structure their corporate research plan and to point out jointly the IPs ideas able to be converted into IP proposals within the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6);
- to set up a list of IPs and STREPs short-term, product oriented, expressed research and implementation needs from aerospace SMEs;
- to offer aerospace SMEs with services in order to have access to FP6 Research and technological development (RTD) funds dedicated to SMEs;
- to bring together aerospace SMEs from the European Union Member States and Associated States to prepare in cooperation SMEs technology implementation IPs / STREPs proposals;
- to support the initial management when setting up a serviced SME IP proposal;
- to submit at least two serviced IP or large STREPs proposals (led by small enterprises in the field of the aerospace) for evaluation to the European Commission;
- to remain flexible and negotiate with large industry the possibility to select research themes grouped in IP same areas, fitting large industry expectations that could be dedicated at SMEs within the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7).

Technical implementation needs and potential SMEs coordinators arose from the SCRATCH already accomplished awareness campaigns, the SCRATCH web site and other up-stream aerospace accompanying measures which do not plan to service SME IPs / STREPs proposals (like AECMA AeroSME and ECARE stimulation actions). Partners have serviced free of charge, within the limits of the expected contract, SMEs, RTD proposers, without preference for any EU Member State origin.

SCRATCH-IP project lasted 25 months, from December 2004 to December 2006; this duration has permitted to submit proposals of SMEs IPs/large STREPs in the FP6 final call for proposals and to prepare IPs research ideas in view of FP7 SMEs call for proposals.

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