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SILENCE aims at developing an integrated system of methodologies and technologies for an efficient control ofurban traffic noise. "Integrated system" means the combined consideration of city authorities, individual traffic (onroad) and mass transport (on rail and road) with a holistic treatment of all traffic noise facets: urban noisescenarios, individual noise sources (vehicles), traffic management, noise perception and annoyance.The SILENCE approach starts with three steps: the assessment of urban noise situations based on data fromEuropean cities, the definition of two urban noise scenarios as reference basis for the whole project, theidentification of the related noise abatement priorities and noise reduction potentials. On this basis, the RTDactivities are developed and integrated to an unique system of noise abatement technologies and tools andmethodologies for noise reduction and policies. Thereby, the essential categories of urban traffic vehicles areconsidered like cars, light duty trucks, buses, trams, metros, trains etc. One key element of this RTD approach isthe global modelling for the prediction of noise effects on urban scenarios. Based on models for individual trafficelements developed in previous EU projects the global model predictsthe overall noise emission of complex traffic situations and allows the prediction of noise immission by a sourcemodel coherent with the models used in HARMONOISE. This global model is used to apply the noise abatementtechnologies developed to the two reference noise scenarios, to predict their noise reduction effects and tovalidate the noise reduction potentials. Thus, the key results and deliverables of SILENCE are first a noise abatement technology platform for road andrail vehicles, urban transport infrastructure and traffic flow aspects, and second tools, methodologies and inputdata for decision support systems, urban action plans and future noise scenarios.

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