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Safety competition for students


An international student safety technology design competition will be organised during the next ESV (Enhanced Safety of Vehicles) conference to be held in Washington DC in June 2005.The final competitors have to be selected within each of the three world r egions: Asia/Pacific, Europe, NorthAmerica. The proposed Specific Support Action SAFECOS 05 is aimed at organising and supporting the technical models designed by European student teams to be presented and selected at the next ESV Conference in June2005.Th e competition will be organised in 3 steps: 1. preselection of the 5 more relevant projects based on their written description (including drawings) 2. construction of models of the 5 selected projects and selection of the 2 best projects according to pre sented models 3. exhibition of the 2 winner models at the ESV Conference. For phases 1 and 2, the jury will be appointed by the EEVC (European Enhanced Vehicle-safety Committee) Steering Committee and, at the same time, a similar procedure will be put in place in North America and in Asia/Pacific.

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