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Enhanced co-operation between EU member states and associated candidate states in maritime research on transport


ENCOMAR-TRANSPORT aims to improve co-operation between the new member states, applicant countries as well as Russia, Ukraine and Turkey in the maritime fields. ENCOMAR-TRANSPORT has two general strategic objectives:- to support the integration of the new member states, applicant countries, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey into the European Maritime Research Area, thus supporting EU policies and the formation of ERA- to support the goals defined in the maritime part of the Sustainable Surface Priority of the 6 th Framework Programme. To support integration, ENCOMAR-TRANSPORT will help to jointly use R&D potentials and resources.ENCOMAR-TRANSPORT will promote a culture of innovation and fertilize participation of SMEs in European research. Technically, enhan ced exchange of information, technology transfer and research cooperation initiated by the project will help to meet demands of European transport policy and to the objectives of the sustainable surface transportpriority. Particular focus will be on:- S hipbuilding and -repair, including ship equipment manufacturers and maritime service providers,- Waterborne (long-haul, short sea and inland waters) transport in Europe.- Maritime Transport safety will especially focus on transport of dangerous goods to a void environmental- hazards in European waters, the Baltic and Mediterranean and Black Sea.- Efficient transport of marine natural resources is in the focus as well. The following activities will be undertaken:- Creation of a Network of Maritime R&D N ational Contact Points.- Inform about potentials and activities of European research in the new member states and neighbours of the EU by workshops in those countries. Inform research community and industry about the potential of countries not yet integra ted in European research.

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