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Development of multifunctional nanometallic particles using a new process - sonoelectrochemistry


Metals and moreover nanometallic particles will play a major role in the sustainable growth of European industries such as: chemical, automotive, pharmaceutical, etc. This due to the fact that they offer improved properties in comparison to bulk materials in use. Modernization and leadership in European heavy industry would require development of new nanometallic multifunctional powders with dedicated characteristics. Their development and production will be based on unique innovative methods. SELECTNANO in tends to manufacture new metal and transition metal nanoparticles for dedicated new applications, using the novel process, namely - SONOELECTROCHEMISTRY. Sonoelectrochemistry is a new emerging technology .This technique combines electrolysis and sonolysis. The sonication horn serves as a cathode for the electrolysis process and as a transducer releasing US (Ultrasonic) waves. Short electric pulses, which reduce ionic species and deposit the mechanic nanoparticles on the cathode are followed by US pulses cau sing the nanoparticles to fall to the bottom of the cell. Scientific and technological Objectives: 1. Application of Sonoelectrochemistry for synthesis of multifunctional nanometallic particles 2. Development of new technologies for stabilization of nanome tallic particles in different matrices 3. Processes scale up 4. New industrial applications - 4.1 Use of metallic nanoparticles for security issues such as: detection and authentication of articles by printing conductive labels and coding of information ba sed on a printed pattern. 4.2 Nanostructured metallic coating by Cold Gas Dynamic Spray deposition 4.3 Development micron and submicron sized shell structures for release of encapsulated active materials 4.4 Adaptation of the new developments into: High in tensity colour pigments; Novel cosmetic ingredients; Nanoscale conductive structuring materials; Novel coating additives

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