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Contenuto archiviato il 2024-05-29

Nanobiotechnology for the coating of medical devices

Final Report Summary - PECTICOAT (Nanobiotechnology for the coating of medical devices)

The ultimate aim of the PECTICOAT project was to propose a cross-disciplinary approach that aimed to impart materials surfaces of biomaterials and implants with novel and appropriate biological and bioactive properties using defined and tailored polysaccharides. PECTICOAT focused on demonstrating the proof-of-concept for the use of engineered pectins, called rhamnogalacturonans (RG-I) on the surface of medical devices. Special attention was paid to molecular mechanisms through which cell activation was induced by RG-I, such as RG1-cell direct or indirect interaction via extracellular matrix proteins.

Enzymatically-tailored and engineered pectins were produced, purified and analysed. They were successfully grafted on different substrata and characterised. In vitro and in vivo biological studies demonstrated that some of these pectins were endowed with properties which were expected to improve the biocompatibility of dental implants and also of other medical devices. Due to a real industrial participation through the project, guidance for defining and implementing applications proved to be fruitful.