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Enhanced radio resource algorithms based on cross-layer issues for 4G networks


The present project is embedded in one of the most challenging innovation paths, affecting in a convergent mode both Mobile Communication and Information Technology. The main objective is the transfer of knowledge between the industrial and the academic partner of the consortium in fields and technologies where they are specialised. This scientific project aims to contribute to the technical innovation policies of the Community by exploiting potential of Radio Resource Management (RRM) algorithms based on cross-layer issues for 4G networks.

The main objectives of the scientific project are:- Analysis of the different Cross-Layer techniques that can be used in order to enhance the efficiency of wireless communication systems.- Deep study of the potential benefits that can be obtained from using these techniques in different environment. In particular, the explicit shift towards decentralised and adaptive MAC, RRM and routing approaches.- Analysis of the potential benefits of incorporating channel estimation information about the future channel state in the adaptability of all the layers.- Analysis of the trade-off between signalling overhead and enhanced performance in cross-layer approaches.- Dissemination of the project results contributing to technical journals and conferences in the course of the project lifetime.

In order to study and test effective resource algorithms for 4G systems, the academic organization with research experience in innovative areas like radio resource management, cross-layer issues and wireless communications must apply standards and market requirements in their research theoretical studies provided by the industrial partner. In the other hand, the industrial partner will have the capability to apply theoretical solutions to the practical, business applications and it will learn which directions of research seem to be value-adding for business and society in general.

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