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Development of human-computer monitoring and feedback systems for the purposes of studying cognition and translation


In this project we will investigate, under controlled experimental conditions, a task defined in mental terms and performed by professionals - viz. the task of translating from one natural language into another. We will monitor the visual input in the source language (L1) with eye-tracking technology. We will log the translators' keystrokes in the target language (L2) with the output monitoring tool Translog. We will monitor the brain performance during perceptual input and motor output with a brain activity recording technique (EEG).

The task requirement - translation of identical semantic content from L1 into L2 - will guarantee the compatibility of input and output patterns at a certain level of structure and make it possible to compare and interpret output and input in terms of the complementary pair: comprehension and production. In addition, we will prompt the interface between the working memory and long-term memory (LTM) of the bilingual translator with prompting feedback provided by a modified version of the computerized tool iDict and monitor brain performance during the prompting with EEG.

In this way, we intend to achieve an integrated experimental and application design that fulfils the requirements of a human-computer monitoring and feedback system. By building such a system we will be able to study in depth the nature of a mind-brain-behaviour-computer interaction system with a complete-cycle mini-max set of variables. Such a system should find a range of industrial applications. Complete-cycle monitoring offers the possibility of providing its operator with feedback in different combinations for different purposes, e.g. with automatic prompting of her/his LTM for fast finding of means of expression in L2. Human-computer systems for feedback in cognitive terms are already within our reach if targeted with a systematic strategy for research and application.

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