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Coordination of Member State research programmes in water science for the developing world.


The EUWI-ERA-NET will establish a framework for long term communication, collaboration and coordination of member state research programmes related to water issues in developing countries. The EUWI-ERA-NET is a vital component in the delivery of major EU and member state political commitments to strengthen international development. The EUWI-ERA-NET underpins the delivery water specific commitments made at the Johannesburg WSSD and UN 12th Commission on Sustainable Development (2004). In particular this ERA-NET will assist deliver the research coordination commitments contained in the EU Water Initiative, and has been developed through, and to complement the activities of the EUWI RTD Working Group. Because water has a bearing upon so many development issues ( health, agriculture, natural disasters, energy, gender, governance, etc) it is expected that the EUWI-ERA-NET will be instrumental in kick starting ERA-NET actions on other international development issues. The EUWI-ERA-NET will bring together information and key research administrators in a structured programme to map out, and build consensus on high priority areas of common interest for developing knowledge sharing, and programme coordination. An SSA instrument has been chose as the best method to facilitate the gradual building of consensus, and a shared vision of what may practically may be achieved in accord with respecting national interests and resources. This SSA will culminate in the preparation and submission of a proposal for a full Coordination Action ERA-NET in October 2005. This ERA-NET will complement others in related fields (IWRM-Net, INCO-Net and on flood mitigation), which together will form the basis for an FP7 "ERA-NET Plus" action.

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