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Cultural influences on renewable energy acceptance and tools for the devel-opment of communication strategies to promote acceptance among key actor groups


The objectives of this project are to increase the competitiveness RES and RUE technologies by developing a tool that can measure, promote and improve social acceptance of these technologies by means of: i. Assessing the already developed Socr obust tool platform for the suitability in general by mapping its potential to contribute to societal embedding of RES and RUE technologies and identification of the limitations to assess the social acceptance of RES and RUE.; ii. Determine the key elements of social acceptance of RES and RUE technologies by assessing the regionally historical and recent social acceptance of renewable energy technologies such as hydrogen, biomass, CO2 capture and sequestration, solar thermodynamics, and wind; i ii. Enhance the Socrobust tool platform into a multi-stakeholder tool for assessing and promoting social acceptance by integrating knowledge gained in objectives (i.), and (ii.), and by designing the necessary instruments and procedures to creat e a region and target-group specific strategy to address the social acceptance of the deployed technology; iv. Validation and deployment of the multi-stakeholder tool in five selected demonstration projects, covering a wide range of RES and RUE technologies as well as various regions in EUROP. The preliminarily selected demonstration projects are ECTOS in the Nordic countries, a biomass project in East-European region, CCS in West-Europe region and the solar thermodynamics project Archimede in t he Mediterranean region; dissemination of the multi-stakeholder tool to key stakeholders involved in implementation of new RES and RUE technologies. The result of this project will be a publicly available tool that can measure, promote and improve soci al acceptance of new sustainable technologies.

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