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Avionics Systems Hosted on a distributed modular electronics Large scale dEmonstrator <br/>for multiple tYpe of aircraft


In search for a more competitive, multiple types of aircrafts, IMA based, avionics platform solution, the European aerospace industry has recently initiated the IMA2G paradigm thanks to the EC funded SCARLETT project.

This latter successfully validated a first underlying set of IMA2G concepts (Separate Core Processing resources from I/O resources, introduce resource segments typology of electronics solutions, provide platform services layer to function supplier etc.), thus creating the expected Distributed Modular Electronics (DME) breakthrough to lay IMA2G solid rock foundations.

The goal of the work within ASHLEY is to go on carrying out research on top of the existing SCARLETT state-of-the-art in areas where innovations are likely to make the most of DME growth potential :

• Extension of DME concepts and solutions to other aircraft domains especially the open world domain, leading to the definition of DME security components.
• Common remote I/O resources typology including high integrity, time critical remote solutions.
• Multi-domains, secured Data Distribution services to streamline aircraft data distribution.
• Development of an efficient system designer oriented IMA2G Tooling Framework solution that remains compliant with IMA2G industrial and certification constraints.
• Development of a generation of digital i.e. smart sensors based on new advanced photonics technologies.

ASHLEY innovations will be supported by advanced processes, methods and tools for an efficient implementation in the future and validated thanks to the ASHLEY Large Scale aircraft representative Demonstrator.

By progressing as described above the European Industry will be in a position to offer a common secured multi-domain avionics platform solution across a worldwide range of aircraft types, at a higher level of maturity at entry into service.

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