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Innovative Portable Traction Ramp from Smart Composite materials for Automatic Ascending and Descending of Wheelchair Users


The RampCo is a technologically advanced folding ramp, for automatic ascending and descending of wheelchair users, thus paving the way to Universal Accessibility in buildings and public spaces. RampCo is a portable ramp that can be automatically packed in the form of an all-in-one transport case and can be transferred easily and quickly by hand. RampCo will have a lightweight design due to the use of smart composite materials that will ensure the best strength/weight ratio.
The RampCo, on the wheelchair user’s command, will transport the wheelchair safely several meters all the way up the stairs, without any assistance. The RampCo will operate on slopes beyond the typical 8% (5deg angle) reaching and up to 60% (30deg angle). RampCo will be a revolutionary product in the ramp market since no other portable, foldable, extendable device exists worldwide with this feature. RampCo will be able to climb all sorts of straight stairs up to a slope of 60%. It will allow the wheelchair user to safely ascent to elevations from 50 cm (3 stairs steps) up to 140 cm (8 stairs steps). RampCo will be designed and developed in order to provide a safe accessibility solution for manually pushed and motorised wheelchairs in various kind of stairs (concrete based, glass, metal). RampCo will provide operation and navigation information to the wheelchair users, through Bluetooth technology and will allow remote access by the installer using a developed mobile application for monitoring and controlling in case of functional problems.
The RampCo could have a massive uptake to serve a practically infinite number of cases with a difference in elevation, which are currently left inaccessible or are serviced in a poor way, with no provision for use by disabled citizens without assistance and more often than not, with a compromise on safety or aesthetics. For example public buildings, hotels, museums, archaeological sites, exhibition centers, industry, banks, shops, private homes, etc.

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