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Integrated engineering approach validating reduced water and energy consumption in milk processing for wider food supply chain replication


EnReMilk will achieve significant water and energy savings in representative dairy case studies, mozzarella and milk powder production, across the supply chain. The dairy industry is an important food industry sector with sales of €124.3 billion and added value of €17.4 billion p.a. It is a high energy and water consumer, both overall and per unit production: up to 6.47 MWh (5.55 MWhth and 0.92 MWhel) and 60 m3 of water per tonne processed milk. 98 % of the fresh water used is of drinking water quality with 80% of energy consumed in process heating, pasteurisation, sterilisation, drying and cleaning operations. During EnReMilk, energy savings of at least 20% and water savings of at least 30% will be achieved in case studies (3 months production), replicable in both SME and larger dairies. These savings will be validated against a consumption baseline of existing operation, being validated in model simulations and in physical trials. Emerging and novel engineering technologies will be optimised and implemented in key dairy unit operations to provide significant and simultaneous saving of water and energy, while ensuring food quality and safety. It will: (i) identify and monitor water and energy consumption patterns of along the entire supply chain, (ii) model and simulate to evaluate savings potential of a vast array of technological scenarios, (iii) optimise selected technologies in case studies with highest water and energy saving potential, (iv) optimise resource supply and use strategies, and (v) ensure benefits for food producers and equipment manufacturers, while reconciling sustainability imperatives. It will ensure a smooth translation into practical implementation, providing an innovation-driven increase in the competitiveness of the EU dairy sector. EnReMilk will ensure that engineering innovations are verified as environmentally sustainable, economically viable and socially responsible, and that food quality and safety is not compromised.

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