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The Application of Modern Proteomic and Metabolomic Methodologies in the Assessment of High Added-Value Traditional Meat Products


"Food quality and safety are central to any society, having important economic, social and environmental implications. International comparisons have shown that the European Union is the world’s largest producer of food and drink products. It is not surprising therefore that the Agro-food sector has major importance/influence on the economy of Europe. The proposed research programme will give the researcher the opportunity to perform multidisciplinary activities that impact directly on food quality and safety. Experimentally the project will utilise recent advances in mass spectrometry and data analysis to develop modern proteomic and metabolomic approaches suitable for use in the assessment of traditional foodstuffs. To achieve these goals the following objectives will be addressed: (i) Development of a label-free quantitative proteomic method and metabolomic approaches to identify and quantify novel biologically active peptides with the objective to increase the health value of traditional meat products, (ii) study of the peptides generated at different time intervals during the processing of traditional Spanish dry-cured ham to correlate with the time of processing and use as safety and quality markers of the final product, and (iii) analysis the ‘omic’ datasets using independent statistical analysis (e.g. Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and ANOVA) and advanced proteomic-related software such as Mascot Distiller. The development of this project will enable the researcher to improve state of the art expertise in generic technologies, which are of strategic importance throughout Europe. The approaches developed will impact directly on the assessment of traditional foodstuffs advancing the present state of the art in the field. There is perfect synergy between the researcher’s background and host reintegration group expertise, providing the foundations for a productive project, delivering scientific excellence with translational impact."

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Calle Serrano 117
28006 Madrid
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Research Organisations
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€ 62 500
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Ana María De La Fuente (Ms.)