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Sustainable Technology for Older People – Get Organised


Supporting innovative solutions in eHealth, assisted living and for mobility (in particular through PPI) ¿ Active and healthy ageing and assisted living

The rapidly ageing population across the EU is placing relentless pressure on increasingly scarce health and social care resources. More people live with multiple co-morbidities, and there are fewer people to care for them.
The Whole System Demonstrator (WSD) showed that incorporating telehealth and telecare technology into care and cure services can lead to reductions in the need for people to access services, as well as improving their ability to live better lives in their own homes (e.g. quality of life).
The plan is designed to overcome some issues identified in WSD and the project will illustrate real improvements in Quality of Life, care and carer programmes, hospital in-patient stay, and other service outcome aspects felt to be essential. In addition, STOPandGO will identify the PPI benefits of STOPandGO for industry and the localities throughout the process in relation to the situation before.
By adopting an innovative procurement approach the PPI Pilot will show that the benefits identified in the WSD can be translated from small populations (the pilots will represent about 10% of a regional target population) to wider ones, providing for scale uptake of technology and proportional reductions in the pressure on services. The project will also show that this approach can be applied across the EU.

The STOPandGO (Sustainable Technologies for Older People - Get Organised) consortium is a group of buyers and associated experts which offers an innovative procurement process aimed at securing cost-effective, care pathway oriented, sustainable and scale ICT-based telehealth and telecare services which will achieve clearly defined clinical and social outcomes. The target population to benefit from these products and services are frail and dependent elderly people, perhaps living with long term conditions such as Chronic Heart Failure and Diabetes, and their carers. This innovative procurement process will identify and evaluate a standard specification (with sufficient local flexibility) that can be used across the EU to enable scale deployment. The coordinated procurement process which will be used in diverse localities in four EU nation states will bring tested products and services to a much wider market, commencing with a target of 5,000 users. Interoperability and relevant standards will be built into the specification. The new procurement process and the services themselves will be fully evaluated and then widely disseminated through the STOPand GO Learning Network. The STOPandGO consortium includes the UK Department of Health, with its unique experience of operating the 3millionlives project and the Whole System Demonstrator evaluation, in addition to experienced and enthusiastic buyers from Italy, the Netherlands and Spain. As a procurement pilot our project will include buyers who are already willing and able to procure relevant products and services, but who are keen to take this opportunity to pilot our innovative procurement process. In order to ensure that our process is appropriate to the EU market we will initially conduct an Open Market Consultation and engage with relevant stakeholders across the clinical and social environment within the four contributing nations.

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