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Elearning, Communication and Open-data: Massive Mobile, Ubiquitous and Open Learning


ICT for learning ¿ Piloting and showcasing excellence in ICT for learning for all

Open Educational Resources (OER) has the potential to widen access to education and to improve the quality and cost-efficiency of teaching and learning in Europe. The most successful way to achieve a practical implementation of OERs are Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). MOOCs are large-scale online courses and represent one of the latest developments in open education in its continuous effort to improve quality, access and equity in education and training. MOOCs can be applied to formal/informal/non-formal learning and make learning ubiquitous. ECO will focus on extending to a pan-European scale the most successful MOOC experiences in Europe,piloting and showcasing these best practices by its implementation in regional hubs of excellence throughout Europe, assessing the outcomes, results and lessons learnt from these best practices in open and mobile learning.ECO will use state-of-the-art technologies in implementing the merged MOOCs platform (based on individual platforms and resources provided by individual partners in the project), which will enable the combined and cross-border piloting activities in all the hubs involved in the project.ECO will contribute to increasing awareness in Europe of the benefits of open educational resources for European citizens and institutions. The project will demonstrate the potential of MOOC (courses & communities) for lowering or remove technological barriers in learning processes for users with special needs or at risk of exclusion.The expected impact of ECO will be increased by preparing certified teachers who will be able to create their own online courses and other open educational resources and distribute them through the open learning platform that gathers all the pilot projects. This will extend the project impact to their respective communities. Therefore, ECO pilots will pay special attention to training European teachers.

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