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Reduced GREENhouse gas emissions and sustainable wastewater treatment by integrated Control and Operational STrategies


In order to ensure the supply of quality water for human consumption, irrigation and industrial operations, the number of wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) is expected to increase, simultaneously becoming ever more complex. One of the negative impacts that would involve the proliferation of WWTP is the emission of greenhouse gases, responsible for global warming. The main scientific objective of this project is to produce a generic methodology to design a control structure intended to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases from wastewater treatment. To demonstrate the methodology, an advanced control system aimed at low greenhouse gases emission will be instrumented in a novel and complex WWTP pilot plant at the hosting group featuring an anaerobic stage, an aerobic/anoxic stage and a filtration stage. To achieve the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the control of the plant, the use of incomplete knowledge and models will be considered in the control system. The success of the methodology and control system will be evaluated on the operation of the pilot plant.
The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions will be also tackled with an operational approach as a secondary objective. Guidelines and alternatives to run anaerobic-aerobic systems will be explored, in order to improve their efficiency and reducing GHG emissions.
This project has also been planned with objectives to enhance the applicant’s career integration. It will serve to complete his training on process control with the practical set-up of a control system and to specialise in an important field as the control and modelling of bioreactors/WWTP. Transversal skills will also be cultivated with responsibility on student supervision, project management and cooperation with the industrial sector helping to achieve a position of professional maturity.

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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Martin Cacheiro Martinez (Mr.)
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