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EeB Cluster Activities Coordination Action

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - EeB-CA2 (EeB Cluster Activities Coordination Action)

Berichtszeitraum: 2016-02-01 bis 2017-01-31

EeB-CA2 initiative is to provide the right set of instruments supporting technology-clustering and geo-clustering upon the whole set of EeB PPP EC-funded projects related to energy efficiency in the built environment, with the following primary ambition: to enhance and rationalise coordinated and broader dissemination, technology transfer and future exploitation activities of clustered projects, so as to help them better promoting and marketing their achievements and deliverables.
Work performed from the beginning to the end of the project includes:
Project management activities (WP1):
• Day to day administrative and financial coordination of the project
• Organisation of 7 consortium meetings (5 physical meeting and 2 virtual meetings)
• Participation to 5 coordination meetings with the other CSAs (AMANAC, EEBERS, SWIMING).
• Participation to 2 review meetings (including one organised at CSTB Champs sur Marne)
• Organisation of regular virtual technical meetings as required by the progress of the work in the various WPs.
Community building and management activities (WP2):
• Released the Community description and management organisation (D2.1)
• Formed the EeB-CA2 Expert group, organised and launched the open call for experts
• Engaged the EeB-CA2 Expert group into the project activities: EeB PPP Project review elaboration and review, analysis of the most promising innovations from EeB-PPP projects, training activities, etc.
• Continuous interaction with the community of EeB projects in the context of the work conducted in the other WPs: disseminated the EeB PPP Project review booklet and technology brochures designed in WP4, advertised the training, coaching and matchmaking events developed in WP5, promoted the WP3 geoclustering platform among the community to gather feedback, etc.
• Advertised EeB-CA2 activities and achievements through the organisations identified in D2.1.
• Released the interim and final reports on community activities (D2.2 and 2.3).
Supporting Platform Development activities (WP3):
• Released the specifications of the EeB-CA2 platform (D3.1)
• Released the final version of the EeB-CA2 platform (D3.3) at
• Updated the projects information into the platform all along the project: latest data coming from the 2016 monitoring, from the projects pilots (questionnaire distributed in the context of WP5) and from external data sources (e.g. BPIE)
• Created a video tutorial and distributed a user survey to collect feedback for the future exploitation of the platform
Integrated Dissemination of Clustered Project Knowledge activities (WP4):
• Released the Integrated Dissemination and Communication plan (D4.1)
• Designed and maintained the EeB-CA2 website.
• Gathered public deliverables and public information from EeB PPP completed projects and uploaded them on the redesigned ECTP website.
• Released, promoted and managed the official ECTP – Energy Efficient Buildings Committee LinkedIn group, YouTube channel, and ECTP Twitter account.
• Developed and disseminated the 2016 EeB PPP project review booklet (1.000 physical copies distributed).
• Developed and disseminated the five 2016 EeB PPP Promising Technologies brochures
• Organised co-exhibitions with EeB PPP projects (selected through open calls disseminated by ECTP) at WBC16 Finland, Smart City Expo Barcelona 2016 and BAU 2017 Munich.
• Released the Dissemination and Communication activities performance reports (D4.4 and D4.6).
Integrated Pathways for Technology Transfer activities (WP5):
• Identified and grouped a set of 226 TRL6+ exploitable technologies from EeB PPP projects, which resulted in a selection of 21 most promising technologies promoted in WP4 technology brochures.
• 12 innovation audits performed
• 4 training sessions implemented
• 1 brokerage event organised
• Submitted Deliverables D5.2 – Report on the exploitable technologies identified, D5.3 – Innovation audits, D5.4 - Trainings and D5.5 – Brokerage event
Monitoring and future priorities activities (WP6):
• Conducted the 2015 EeB PPP Progress monitoring: circulated the questionnaire in April 2015, and delivered the monitoring report in July 2015.
• Conducted the 2016 EeB PPP Progress monitoring:
o Developed the new 2016 questionnaire
o Implemented an ad-hoc online questionnaire tool and database
o Pre-filled the individual online questionnaires with answers from the 2015 monitoring campaign
o Circulated the questionnaire in March 2016 (141 projects contacted), conducted a thorough qualitative analysis of the answers and delivered the final monitoring report in July 2016.
• Delivered a state of the art and identification of future R&D priorities report for each of the seven EeB-CA2 technology clusters – work done in close cooperation with EEBERS and SWIMING
Through the above mentioned activities, EeB-CA2 has contributed to:
• Increase public presence and awareness of EeB PPP activities
• Stimulate networks and alliances for further RTD and industrial innovation in the addressed technology and application areas
• Speed up industrial exploitation and technology transfer of results of EeB PPP projects
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