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Current IOD/IOV possibilities are restricted to either the identification of carriers of opportunity or to dedicated missions where a satellite is designed as a compromise among the needs of a number of identified technologies to be demonstrated in orbit.
In order to actually bring a significant added value in the identification of a portfolio of European IOD/IOV solutions, the consortium believes that a clear, independent and extensive assessment exercise must be carried out of the current European IOD/IOV situation, both in terms of needs (technologies in need of flight heritage) and capabilities (carriers and launchers). Moreover, in selecting which mission concepts to co-finance within H2020 among all COMPET-5 generated ones, we believe that the commission should be in position to select (based on the output of this activity) the ones that have the real potential of maturing into a recurrent IOD/IOV service.
In this view, IODISPLay has the following objectives:
• To identify a portfolio of IOD/IOV missions and concepts achievable and affordable within H2020 timeframe and to down-select a number of optimum IOD/IOV missions and to carry out a preliminary design of those missions, including programmatic aspects
• To provide a specific methodology for mission portfolio identification, through an IOD/IOV missionization tool which can intelligently analyze a database of carriers and technologies in order to consistently provide a number of IOD/IOV missions

The IODISPLay consortium of GMV, VVA, INTA and GAUSS combines the experience in mission studies and IOD with proven flight-record backed system engineering as well as deep knowledge of launcher segment, including a business exploitation facet. The consortium composition and nature guarantees objective independence in the treatment of information and in the selection of the mission/s that will be identified in the study.


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