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Nanowire based Tandem Solar Cells

Resultado final

Report on feasibility of different emitter structures for direct growth of III–V nanowires

Summary report regarding the feasibility of different emitter structures for the direct growth of III-V nanowires with low interface resistance (< 10 mOhmcm) and low emitter recombination in the silicon sub-cell. Especially the feasibility of the back-end processing has to be shown and potential consequences for the nano-wire growth will be discussed. The report will present experimental results of at least 3 different single-junction silicon solar cell designs with different emitter structure including Quantum Efficiency and IV-characteristics of devices. Measurements of emitter profiles, surface roughness and defectivity will be presented.

Report on optimized particle patterning with redesigned master structures or processing

Depending on optical simulations as well as electro-optical characterization performed in WP6 it is likely that pattern parameters (pitch, diameters or shape of particles) will need to be optimized. Also a close link to the partners doing the epitaxy in WP2 will be important to have a feedback to optimize the quality of the catalyst arrays. The report will describe the measures being taken to meet these demands.

Report on fabrication of nanotube templates for template-assisted epitaxy on Si

The templates are defined using metal particle etch-masks and sacrificial layers compatible with a Si PV cell substrate.

Report on the status of the different NIL based techniques

The status of the different patterning methods will be reported here with respect to yield and feasibility of the methods for large scale area patterning of active catalyst materials (patterning of metal particles on minimum 90 % of a 2’’ wafer). Process parameter window will be stated as well as dimensions with respect to catalyst diameter and pitch achievable. The report will include an assessment on the quality of NWs grown from the catalysts with respect to optical properties, life time of carriers and PL energy and luminescence intensity.

Report on feasibility of different emitter structures for III-V nanowire transfer

Summary report regarding the feasibility of different emitter structures for the transfer of III-V nanowires to Silicon with low interface resistance and low emitter recombination in the silicon sub-cell. Especially the feasibility of the back-end processing has to be shown. The surface has to be suitable for attaching the III-V nano-wires (planarity, low roughness, no contamination) and realize low ohmic resistance and low parasitic absorption (< 10%).

Report on the generation and properties of aerosol particles

Achieved yield, density and size distribution of nanoparticles with requirement of up to 200 nm in diameter, and a feasibility assessment regarding their use as Aerotaxy seed particles.

Final summary report on solar cell performance

The deliverable will summarize the electrical and optical characterizations performed on the nanowire multi-junction cells. Besides the calibration at standard testing conditions (STC, AM1.5g) also measurements under varying intensity and temperature will be performed. Additionally absorption and uniformity mapping results will be summarized

Evaluation of the impact of Nano-Tandem scientific achievements

A comprehensive evaluation of all impacts of the Nano-Tandem project will be provided covering all scientific, technological and industrial outcomes of the project.

Report on the electrical properties of Esaki diodes between axial NW segments

Report on the electrical properties of Esaki diodes between axial NW segments The report will contain the results achieved on Esaki tunnelling diodes with respect to low bias resistance and the maximum doping achieved in the materials which will be related to the doping level necessary for degenerate doping. Dopant incorporation homogeneity will be included, as well as the results from Hall type of characterization, CV characterization, back gated type of measurements as well as resistivity in the materials.

First report on STC efficiency of nanowire solar cells

This report will summarize the first calibrated efficiency measurements performed on nanowire multi-junction cells at standard testing conditions (STC AM1.5g spectrum). The measurements are performed using calibration routines for multi-junction solar cells and include measurements of Quantum efficiency, active cell area and IV-characteristics under a spectrally adjustable simulator.

Report on the status of Au-assisted nanowire growth on InP and GaAs substrates and growth of nanowires by use of Aerotaxy

The deliverable will include description of growth schemes for optimal pattern preservation (> 95% vertically standing NWs), details on synthesis of the different materials with respect to materials composition and quality as a function of precursor molar fractions and growth temperature (PL emission at band gap of 1.7 eV for GaInP and GaAsP). It will also contain details on achieved doping levels in the nanowire materials grown by the different methods and details of the contact region between the substrate and the nanowires as determined by XRD and TEM, and results from wafer recycling (at least 3 times substrate re-use verified).

Report on growth of doped ternary NW materials for pn-junctions.

This includes the effect of the different dopants (TESn, H2S, CP2Mg and DEZn on the growth dynamics and dopant incorporation if the ternary NW materials (targeted n type degenerate doping of 1x1019 for n and p type GaInP and GaAsP). It will contain an evaluation of the feasibility of using the different dopants and will lead to a choice of dopant for use in the project. The feasibility of using the different dopants in an Esaki diode in combination with the degenerately doped substrate, and in between segments in the NW will be evaluated (Esaki tunneling diode in 1 mm2 cells characterized).

Report on adaption of EQE and IV measurement equipment for nanowire solar cells

The deliverable will summarize the adaption that need to be performed to the measurement equipment at ISE CalLab in order to measure the nanowire multi-junction cells. This included an adaption of the bias light for EQE measurement and verification of the suitability of the multisource simulator or potential adaption of its simulator spectrum to measure nano-wire solar cells with up to 4 cm2 area

Report on the electrical design of tandem cell

The deliverable will contain electrical design recommendation for a high-efficiency tandem solar cell. The design variables include the doping profile in the nanowire and in the substrate and requirements on surface passivation quality, emitter and base thickness as well as the electrical properties of contact and insulation layers. A table summarizing the theoretical design specifications will be included.

Report on realization of integrated light trapping structures into bottom cell

Progress report about the realization of the integration of light trapping structures into the Silicon bottom cell. This will allow current matching to the used top cell design. Special attention needs to be paid to checking the feasibility of the back-end processing. Performance of the light trapping will be confirmed by producing silicon test solar cell devices (> 1 cm2) and measurement of reflection properties and Quantum Efficiency in the spectral range of 300–1250 nm. The current enhancement induced by the light trapping structure will be at least 1 mA/cm2.

Report on suitable geometry and material of nanowire array subcell

D6.2 Report on suitable geometry and material of nanowire array subcell The deliverable will contain recommendation of suitable III–V material for the nanowires, the geometry of the nanowires (nanowire diameter and length, and array period), and design for the processing layers for electrical contacting in order to maximize the conventional Shockley-Queisser efficiency limit of the multi-junction tandem solar cell. These recommendations are used for deciding on the geometry for the solar cell in M24 (MS3)

Report on nanowire tandem junction growth for solar energy harvesting

The deliverable will contain details on growth of nanowire tandem solar cells by use of the in MS2.1 selected growth method. The structure will be described; including the choice of all parameter for the optimized structure including obtained doping levels, crystal structure, reproducibility and photovoltaic efficiency (target 25% efficiency on minimum 2x2 cm2 area).

Exploitation plan – preliminary version

A first exploitation plan will be settled at month 36 and updated up to the end of the project.

Dissemination Strategy and Plan

This will describe the dissemination (Task 8.1) in detail.

Final plan for the exploitation and dissemination of foreground

The final exploitation plan will be delivered at Month 48 with extensive updates with respect to the preliminary version at Month 36.

Organization of a workshop to support exchange of scientific and technological knowledge

One international workshop will be arranged by ULUND during the second half of the project to disseminate the scientific results and create a link with other PV projects in Europe.

Project website established

A website will be set up both for consortium members and public access. It will be regularly maintained during and after the project duration, in order to report project activities, progress and achievements.


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Connection between modeled blackbody radiation and dipole emission in large-area nanostructures

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Photonic structures for III-V//Si multijunction solar cells with efficiency >33%

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Monolithic integration of III-V nanostructures for electronic and photonic applications

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