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Traffic Safety Cultures and the Safe Systems Approach – Towards a Cultural Change Research and Innovation Agenda for Road Safety

Risultati finali

Concept for external interface of the platform
Final report and manual Conference

The final report will include all elements mentioned above and can be used as a state of the art handbook of traffic safety culture and change management in Europe. The conference will bring together stakeholders, practitioners, and researchers in will be a first step in establishing a cultural perspectives within the safe systems approach.

Comprehensive research report for different countries

National reports go into the details of the implicit cultural patterns at the country level and below in order to show how culture interacts with the other components of the model and which mechanisms can be established in order to improve a specific traffic safety culture.

Country reports

Country reports are based on national case study and give a summary of the variation and unity of a traffic safety culture within a socio-political unit. They are standardised with reference to the theoretical framework which allows comparative analysis in the next step.

Implementation strategy

The implementation strategy describes, how a process of change can be geared into a specific historical and political situation and the obstacles and opportunities it offers.

Comprehensive research report

The report generalizes the insights at the country level and explains variations between different traffic safety cultures. It establishes an empirically saturated model of traffic safety culture and gives an overview of cultural forms and types. It is based on comparisons between national cultures, but also between different cultures within one country and cultures of similar topographical and infrastructural conditions between countries.

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