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RESILENS: Realising European ReSiliencE for CritIcaL INfraStructure

Risultati finali

Draft ERMG

An integral master document comprised of generic and specific chapters covering resilience management of critical infrastructures.

Resilience Evaluation and SOTA Summary Report

This report will define and contextualise resilience approaches, establish an appropriate definition of CI resilience and identify the documented SOTA on resilience concepts, processes and methods.

Delivery of the RESILENS Decision Support Platform (RES-DSP)

The RES-DSP will host the ERMG and Resilience Management Matrix and Audit Toolkit.

Development of the RESILENS E-Learning Hub Structure and Initial Content for 1 Module

This deliverable will report on the E-learning hub structure developed by the RESILENS project to facilitate supporting target CI target users with the use of the project toolkit and ERMG. The initial module (module 1) associated with providing education and training functions will be elaborated. The deliverable will form the basis on which the final RESILENS E-learning will be built on.

Project Management Handbook

This handbook will be developed at task/partner level for efficient project coordination and will include detailed budgeting to maintain financial control of the project.

Resilience Management Steps. Report and Templates. Version 2.

Resilience Management Steps. Report and Templates. Version 2. [M13] Report on the development of the key resilience management steps and templates.

Plan for Coordination and Collaboration with Related Projects and Initiatives

This will outline the main steps to be taken to interact, inform and learn from other similar projects and initiatives.

Outcomes from Tabletop Review of Draft ERMG

Report of the Advisory Board and Key Stakeholders on the Draft ERMG, and their recommendations.

Dissemination Strategy

The aim of the dissemination strategy is to ensure that the project is widely disseminated and recognised by the entire key stakeholder environment in Europe. The deliverable will outline steps and plans that will be undertaken by the RESILENS project to meet the dissemination goals.

Methodological Framework for the ERMG

The methodological infrastructure that the ERMG will be developed upon, in accordance with WP2 outputs and the recommendations of the team of experts.

Final ERMG

Final version of the ERMG. This will take into account the findings and outcomes of the Pilot Demonstrations in WP4 and considerations from WP5. The final ERMG will be assimilated into a Web platform and will include the inputs of the table top exercise of the Advisory Board and other stakeholders, as completed in T3.4.

Midterm Review Report

This review report will outline the results of the work which has taken place since the inception of the project and outline the plan for the completion of the project. The report will be discussed at the midterm review meeting which will include the members of the Advisory Board.

Roadmap for Training and Education Delivery

A plan outlining how the training and educational materials and methods will be developed to support academic and vocational learning, continuing professional development and educating the wider public.

Stakeholder Consultation Report

This deliverable will review the outcomes of the multidisciplinary stakeholder consultation to identify how resilience operates in practice.

Resilience Management Matrix and Audit Toolkit. Report and Finalised Tools

Resilience Management Matrix and Audit Toolkit. Report and Finalised Tools. [M13] Report on the development of a GIS based Resilience Management Matrix and Audit Toolkit to allow for quantitative analysis of a geographic area in terms of resilience measures.

Qualitative, Semi-Quantitative and Quantitative Methods and Measures for Resilience Assessment and Enhancement. Version 2. Report and Templates

Qualitative, Semi-Quantitative and Quantitative Methods and Measures for Resilience Assessment and Enhancement. Version 2. Report and Templates. [M13] Report on the development of the methodology for resilience measurement to realise and implement resilience management procedures.

Final Review Report

This report will summarise the outcomes of the project.

Risk, Quality and Ethics Management Plan

This plan will outline processes and methods to conform with privacy and data protection legislation, outline project risks and methods to deal with same and a plan for the ethical use and administration of project data.

Initial CONOPS Framework

Development of a methodological framework to support the organisation and integration of guideline perspectives of various actors and use of resources.

Emerging Findings Report on Knowledge, Current Practice, SOTA, Gap Analysis and Roadmap of key actions to advance SOTA

This report will draw together findings from the tasks in WP1 identifying best practices, stakeholder outcomes and end user perspectives and requirements, gaps in the current operationalisation of resilience concepts. The report will inform the basis for the development of WP2 and WP3.

RESILENS Website, Social Media Presence and Electronic Newsletter

The main mechanisms to build societal and end user interaction with the project and to promote the outcomes of the project.


A Novel GIS Mapping Tool for Urban and Critical Infrastructures Resilience Management

Autori: Ehimen, E.; Sweeney, J.; Dowling, C.; and Hynes, W.
Pubblicato in: Conference Proceedings and Background Papers of the Resilient Cities 2016 Congress, Numero Annual (once a year), 2016, Pagina/e Online Proceedings. Article 1
Editore: ICLEI Resilient Cities Congress Secretariat

Moving Through Crisis and Resilience: An Activity-Centred CONOPs of CI Organisations

Autori: Michael Cooke & Eileen Murphy
Pubblicato in: Risk, Reliability and Safety: Innovating Theory and Practice: Proceedings of ESREL 2016, 2016, ISBN 9781-138029972
Editore: CRC Press


Autori: Nogal, M. Morales-Napoles, O. and O'Connor, A
Pubblicato in: Proceedings of the Irish Transport Research Network, Sept. 2016, Dublin (Ireland), 2016
Editore: Irish Transport Research Network

Analytical resilience quantification for critical infrastructure and technical systems

Autori: J. Finger, S. Hasenstein, U. Siebold & I. Häring
Pubblicato in: Risk, Reliability and Safety: Innovating Theory and Practice. Proceedings of the European Safety and Reliability Conference, ESREL 2016, Glasgow, 2017, Pagina/e 2122-2128, ISBN 978-1-138-02997-2
Editore: Taylor & Francis Group

Formalizing Resilience Concepts for Critical Infrastructure

Autori: Hynes, W.; Purcell, S.; Walsh, S.W. and Ehimen E.
Pubblicato in: International Risk Governance Council (IRGC) Resource Guide on Resilience, 2016
Editore: International Risk Governance Council

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