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Contextualising psychosocial wellbeing and mental health within sociocultural dynamics


The lack of contextualization of the science and applications of mental health is the source of a large part of its
criticisms. From the lack of research on how social dynamics influence the well-being of citizens, to the gaps in
research and coordinated implementation of different disciplines involved in mental health in a changing
environment, there are still many limitations for a contextualised and integrated view.

This project intends to offer a bottom-up, source-embedded appreciation of the need to effectively seek to
contextualise mental health interventions and the professional and institutional barriers to this process at the
international level, using participatory research methods with practitioners and users of psychological services as
well as the general population trough personal as well as digital contact.

The first milestone of the project will be an empirical study on how sociocultural dynamics impact psychosocial
wellbeing and mental health integrating a website and a mobile application with face to face interviews. The second
will intend to gather information on approaches already used which can be considered contextualised. The results
of both milestones will be used to organise continuing professional development workshops with mental health
professionals, in which focus groups will be used to explore the perceived need and institutional obstacles for



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