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Neurophenomenology of Mental Imagery


The NeuPheMi project presents a novel approach in the neuroscientific study of mental imagery. Mechanisms of mental imagery are not yet well understood and while traditional approaches investigated their neural correlates based mostly on problem-solving tasks, NeuPheMi proposes to shed the light on the neural correlates of experiencing mental imagery. By taking into account the subjective experience and using electroencephalography and brain stimulation techniques to investigate the dynamic of neuronal activity during mental imagery in an original neurophenomenological approach, NeuPheMi is expected to bring a better understanding of the neuronal basis of mental imagery and extend our comprehension of human consciousness.
Conjointly investigating the subjective experience and cerebral activity during mental imagery is a considerable research challenge, with tremendous benefits to both applied and basic science – directly in line with the European research priorities, as underlined in the Horizon2020 Future and Emerging Technologies initiative Knowing, doing and being: cognition beyond problem solving.


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