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Pro-Internationalization Policy in the European Union The Challenge of Policy Efficiency and Coherence Post Lisbon


"The proposal introduces a novel technique, which has been developed by the fellow, Dr Miguel Torres (MT), in Portugal, to prototype pro-internationalization policy using a streamlined and innovative combination design of top-down and bottom-up approaches. The prototypes to improve policy design efficiency and coherence (PDEC) within each of the European countries, and in the European Union as a whole, will be realised through understanding the decision-making function relationships between companies and policy makers. The approach will employ questionnaires to policy makers, which have designed past incentives towards internationalization; and firms, which have used these same incentives. The insights gained will be used to generate models to explain the behaviour of both managers and policy makers in their actions and to arrive at set of principles of action for PEC. The work plan will be executed at the University of Leeds at a time when there is an EU policy (Lisbon Treaty) highlights the need of coordination of policies, the coherence in external relations, and the consistency with the potential complementarities between trade and FDI within EU members and considering third countries.

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Yorkshire and the Humber West Yorkshire Leeds
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