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SPAce-CompatiblE- Filters_in_dIelectric waveguide Technology


Satellite telecommunication systems are in continuous evolution, offering various types of interactive services. In order to provide such services in
a cost effective manner, innovative and miniaturized technologies (low weight and volume) are required, allowing for increasing the density of the
satellite payloads, offering new services and thus reducing the cost of the satellite missions.
SATFIT project aims to investigate the possible introduction into the space market of miniaturized and low-mass RF filters and multiplexers in L/S
bands based ondielectric waveguide resonatorsusing an innovative solution for thermal compensation that will make the filters space compatible.
The SATFIT technology will lead to a drastic reduction of the resonator dimensions and weight (up to 50%) while maintain good performancewith
respect to existing technology (heavy waveguide and combline/coaxialfilters).The proposed devices will replace these filters in satellite
transponders operating in L/S band. Preliminary market survey identified TTC&M (Telemetry Tracking Command & Monitoring)as first application
and MSS(Mobile Satellite Services) and Navigation systems (Galileo, GPS) as future ones. The market segment that can be taken, replacing
standard components is potentially 20% of the total market of L/S band filters for space.
According to the preliminary business plan, the entering into the space market of SATFIT products would increase the companyturnover of more
than 30%. Phase 1 of the project is devoted to the study of the technical feasibility, analysis of the critical technical issues and risks, potential
market survey (including the estimation of market share) and the analysis of the technical and economical requirements.Also a business and
strategic plan for next project phases will be performed. RFM will make a deep analysis on possible partners and collaborations, especially for
manufacturing and qualification activities foreseen for project phase 2.

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SME-1 - SME instrument phase 1


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