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CEREALPATH - Training in innovative and integrated control of cereal diseases


There is a massive and urgent effort needed to ensure security of food supply for the growing world population. This challenge of doubling crop yields by 2050 provides the motivation for this project, entitled Cereal Pathology – training in innovative and integrated control of cereal diseases (CEREALPATH). Cereals are the most important source of human calories, but we lose billions of euro worth of grain annually due to diseases that reduce yield. CEREALPATH is a multidisciplinary, multisectoral training programme built using the complimentary expertise from 22 participants from 8 European countries, including 7 Universities, 3 research institutes, 11 industry and one regulatory agency. The consortium will combine and share expertise in different approaches to disease control to offer standardized, high quality doctoral training at an advanced level to 15 ESRs. CEREALPATH will expose researchers to research and innovation in both industry and academia. The training equips researchers with the skills and opportunities to develop innovative methods contributing to integrated disease control programmes, thus matching their potential to the jobs of the future and helping Europe and the world meet the critical need of global food security.