CORDIS - Forschungsergebnisse der EU

New integrated methodology and Tools for Retrofit design towards a next generation of ENergy efficient and sustainable buildings and Districts


Report on current design process

A detailed analysis of the current design process targeted on retrofit projects

Dissemination activity report- Year2

Summary of the dissemination activities carried out in Year 2 of the project

First report on LATs activities

Summary of the activities carried out with Local Advisory Teams

Standards, rating and sustainability design for retrofit projects

Report collecting good practices of energy efficiency incentives along with the rating system, standard or local legal background applied to them

Report on stakeholders and occupant engagement in the pilot projects

Summary of the results of engagement activities carried out in the pilot projects

Manual describing the conduct of the developed collaborative design system

Implementation manual for the new design methodology

Second report on LATs activities

Summary of the activities carried out with Local Advisory Teams during the second year of the project

An analysis of the value chains(s)

This report will include a comprehensive analysis of the value chain (including stakeholder interaction, power flows, drivers, conflicts, potential synergies etc.

Dissemination activity report- Year 1

Summary of the dissemination activities carried out in the first year of the project

The Scope, Applicability and Constraints of Financing & Business Models

Report reviewing Financing & Business Models for retrofit projects

Evaluation of the methodology and tools

Report describing the results and impacts of the application of the NewTREND methodology and tools in the pilot projects

Characterisation of the buildings involved in the pilot

Report including the full description of the pilot renovation projects where NewTREND will be demonstrated

Definition of sustainable Key Performance Indicators

Definition of the metrics and indicators to identify the current status of the neighbourhood and evaluate impacts of retrofitting solutions

Finalreport on LATs activities

Final summary and outcomes of the activities carried out with Local Advosory teams

Building and district retrofit technologies review and characterisation

report collecting all the relevant information related to the available retrofit technologies both at building and district level, to be used as a retrofit design options

Dissemination plan

Report describing the dissemination and awareness generation plan for the project

Dissemination activity report- Final

Final version of the dissemination activities report

Training material

Set of training material on the NewTREND methodology and tools

Project website

Set up of the project website

Communication pack

Staring communication pack including flyer, templates, logo etc


Data-driven Behavioural Modelling for Building Energy Simulation Based on Scripted Profiles.

Autoren: Naspi F., Arnesano M., Revel GM., Aird G., Klebow B., Stazi F., D’Orazio M
Veröffentlicht in: Proceedings of BSO 2018: 4th Building Simulation and Optimization Conference, 2018, Seite(n) p. 331-337
Herausgeber: NA

A framework for comfort assessment in buildings and districts retrofit process

Autoren: Arnesano M., Naspi F., Claudi L., Revel GM
Veröffentlicht in: : Proceedings of IBPC: 7th International Buidling Physics Conference, 2018
Herausgeber: NA

An optimal system to measure and control electrict lights by behavioural models

Autoren: Stazi F., Naspi F., Arnesano M., Revel GM., D’Orazio M.
Veröffentlicht in: F. Cuboni, G. Desogus, E. Quaquero, “Colloqui.AT.e 2018. Edilizia Circolare”, Edicom edizioni, Monfalcone (Gorizia), 2018
Herausgeber: NA

Enabling Automated Transparency for the Market Participation of ESCOs with Blockchain

Autoren: J. Nieto-Martin, D.W. Bunn
Veröffentlicht in: IEEE General Meeting 2018 Conference Proceedings, 2018
Herausgeber: NA

Modelli comportamentali per la previsione dell’interazione finestre-utenti nel periodo estivo.

Autoren: Naspi F., Stazi F., Arnesano M., Seri F., Zampetti L., Revel GM, D’Orazio M.
Veröffentlicht in: DEMOLITION OR RECONSTRUCTION?”,, 2017, Seite(n) volume cartaceo (book of abstracts) 978-88-96386-57-6.
Herausgeber: NA

Measuring users-windows interactions in buildings: behavioural models for the summer season.

Autoren: Naspi F., Stazi F., Arnesano M., Seri F., Zampetti L., Revel GM., D’Orazio M.
Veröffentlicht in: TEMA: Technologies, Engineering, Materials and Architecture,, 2018, Seite(n) vol. 4, No. 1, p.1-12
Herausgeber: NA

Rigidity and Real Estate: Organisational Innovations in the Workplace.

Autoren: Dooley, K. Routines,
Veröffentlicht in: Sustainability, 2017, Seite(n) 9,998, ISSN 2071-1050
Herausgeber: MDPI Open Access Publishing

Project delivery configuration for satisficing building energy renovation activities.

Autoren: Dunphy, N. P.
Veröffentlicht in: 2018
Herausgeber: University College Cork.

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