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CORDIS - Forschungsergebnisse der EU

Strengthening scientific and research capacity of the Institute of Economics Zagreb as a cornerstone for Croatian socioeconomic growth through the implementation of Smart Specialisation Strategy


Internet Portal

The portal will be used also to provide a regular dissemination of information about the project. The idea of a web–based portal is to collect information from different sources and create a single point of access to information – a library of categorized and personalized content.

Project outcomes on Website

EIZ will be in charge of the creation and maintenance of an Internet portal for Twinning activities that will be used on a regular basis to keep the partners informed, to exchange relevant materials and to ease cooperation within the consortium. The portal will be used also to provide a regular dissemination of information about the project. The idea of a web–based portal is to collect information from different sources and create a single point of access to information – a library of categorized and personalized content. The internet portal will contain also a separated section that serves as a mean for coordination and management of project activities with a specific communication tool shared among consortium members only.

Report about the state of the art

A report containing the analysis of the existing state of art in relation to the topics included within the list of research needs (D2.1) will be provided.

Twinning strategy for EIZ

A detailed twinning strategy will be identified. The report will contain a deep analysis of research need that EIZ will follow in order to achieve Twining objectives.

8 reports on the dissemination activities

Written reports on all dissemination activities carried out during the project.

More than 8 reports about methodologies on the twinning’s topics to present at international academic and non–academic conferences

The publications and reports will be open to the general public. Internet is one of the most effective means to disseminate information among broad audience. The main objective of this task is to promote features on national level during specialized and lately to wide public. Partners will proceed with the presentation of the system and explanation of the proposed services for further exploitation and, at last, to examine further possible applications of the system and prepare the plan for further replication of project results.

A list of best practices, approaches and methods in management of innovation and technology to transfer

A complete list of best practices, approaches and methods in the field of EMIT will be provided. The list will contain both a part about the existing literature and a part regarding the on–field cases. The key factor in the transfer of best practices is to make the ‘recipients of best practices’ understand the need for the implementation of best practices.

1 round table

All the topics and materials will be carried on an information campaign on the agenda of the conference. In consequence of the conference, the publication of the collections of reports and presentations will follow.

International Dissemination conference

Conference will be the major public event for academic community aimed at presenting key project’s results to broad professional audience.

9 Training workshops

CRIOS will be in charge of organizing 9 TWs. They will be held as follow: 6 in Croatia and 3 in Internationally–leading countries involved in Consortium. 9 TWs will be organized by EIZ in collaboration with partners (CRIOS, UCL, UNU–MERIT) as interactive training where participants can carry out a number of training activities. More specifically, EIZ will be in charge of 6TWs organized in Croatia, CRIOS, UCL and UNU–MERIT of 3 TWs planned respectively 1 in Italy, 1 in UK and 1 in the Netherlands. TW will be divided in 2 parts, one a key talk open to the whole scientific community and provide visibility opportunities and the second part of intensive workshop.

Communication materials on topics

Before and after the conferences and roundtables, EIZ, supported by CRIOS, UCL and UNU–MERIT, will carry out the preparation of disseminating materials of methodological and informative nature. The materials will include both scientific and non–scientific information on the topics of the project. The materials will be distributed among the target groups and stakeholders: Public Research Organisations (including EIZ), Private research organisations and Research Technology Organisations, Regional and Local technological infrastructure organisations, Enterprises, Local policy bodies, Network of Scholars. Dissemination plan to ensure that the project continues to achieve full potential impact on target groups will be created.



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