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Motivic integration, exponential sums, and the langlands programme


We will develop further the theory of motivic integration. This will be done in collaboration with Prof. F. Loeser (Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris). The aim is to develop a theory of motivic integration for exponential sums and exponential integrals, which will roughly be a universal way of calculating families of (parameterised) sums of complex numbers. This will be of immediate use for the Langlands programme, since one can prove the fundamental lemma in the form of the conjecture of Jacquet-Ye over the p-adic numbers for p big enough using this theory.

It will also be of use for cryptography and theoretical physics since counting points and calculating sums are crucial tools in cryptography and since alternative theories of integration gain more and more interest by physicists. Such a theory of motivic exponential sums is completely absent and will be central in number theory, algebraic geometry and model theory. It fits into the objectives of the programme since this theory combines several discipline s of mathematics and is applicable in other domains such as cryptography and physics.

Also, the stay at the top-level place Ecole Normale Superieure will widen my researchers' career prospects and will widen my researcher's experience and expertise to great extend. Moreover, this project will promote excellence in European research, since I have proven to be a high-impact researcher with high-impact publications and international collaborations, who has given invited talks at top-universities such as Oxford -University and the Fields Institute and during top-conferences. To build such a theory is within reach in this project, because of previous work by Cluckers and Loeser on (parameterised) motivic integration and because of the world-leading expertise of bot h Cluckers and Loeser in this domain.

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