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Laser-Based Bioprinter

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - Laser-Bioprint (Laser-Based Bioprinter)

Periodo di rendicontazione: 2016-10-01 al 2018-03-31

Additive manufacturing, also referred to as 3D printing, has experienced rapid development in the recent years. Among conventional AM’s lithography-based technologies and in particular multiphoton lithography stands out as an approach enabling superior resolution and part complexity. It is particularly interesting for biomedical application and mimicking the tissue complexity of the sub-micron scale. However, the widespread acceptance of this technology is still lacking, mainly due to its extremely low throughput, complexity of system operation requiring expert knowledge and scarcity of suitable materials, especially when it comes to biomedical and bioprinting applications. Within this project we have developed compact and fast system for lithography-based high-resolution 3D printing. Along with the specialized materials it allows to produce cell-containing constructs and address the application within the bioprinting domain.