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Smart logistics for WASTE and recycling operations in European cities

Periodic Reporting for period 3 - SmartWASTE (Smart logistics for WASTE and recycling operations in European cities)

Periodo di rendicontazione: 2018-06-01 al 2019-05-31

"The key problem in waste collection today is the use of static routes and schedules: truck drivers are driving “blindly” from bin to bin and collecting containers that can be either half empty or over filled. This adds up to a large amount of unnecessary costs, such as time spent, gas consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Globally, over 400 million waste containers are being served by millions of trucks every day, and 50 % of the value in the market is in the logistics.

Enevo is a growing Finnish technology company that aims to capitalise on this business opportunity and become the #1 supply chain platform for waste and recycling operations worldwide. The objective of SmartWASTE project is to expand the service within key European regions and grow revenue streams more quickly by expanding Enevo service offerings within the waste management value chain.
SmartWASTE project was started 1.6.2016 and this report covers activities Enevo Oy and Enevo UK have performed to establish new business and market entry with focus on UK and Benelux regions.

Feedback from the customers has been encouraging and Enevo has identified multiple ways to improve the product further in order to meet the customer needs better. Commercial blueprint has been developed as well and it is based on a combination of three go-to-market approaches: 1. offering sensors & software through reseller channel, 2. offering sensors & software through direct sales model, 3. offering waste collections & recycling as a managed service
User needs depend on the customer but common for all customers is the goal to save costs. Collection based on Enevo’s smart plans has reduced costs, emissions, road wear, vehicle wear, noise pollution and working hours. Typically, customers report a reduction of collection costs between 20-50 %. Other common user needs are reduced overfill and increased transparency to the value chain of waste management operations. Enevo’s solution has proven to reduce number of overflowing waste containers and the time to collect an overflowing container. This will result in reduction of the need for street cleaning and unwanted side effects of the overflowing containers.
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