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Risultati finali

Press Releases on Progress Released and Disseminated

As a means of raising awareness through different networks.

Online Platform Designed and Established

By which the wealth of information gathered about standards (and standardisation) is recorded and analysis facilitated.

Website Set Up

as a key locus for information and publicity regarding the project.

Presentations made at Key Events

Whereby many of the partners will be able to raise awareness in relevant fora concerned (sometimes separately) with ageing and ICT issues. There will be at least 12 presentations given by project partners to fora including 20 or more participants.

'Forum for European AHA Standards’ (FEASt) Registered

By which an appropriate organisation for ongoing work is established.

Project Flier

That will inform and influence in relation to the ICT for AHA standards and standardisation agenda.

Report: Guidelines for the Co-production of Standards around Age Friendly and Smart Environments

Offering options for the inclusion of meaningful co-production activity within the standardisation process.

Project Standardisation Forum Held in Brussels

Facilitating the most important and open debate on issues raised in the project – and helping point the way forward with regard to the shape and content of its key deliverables.

Launch Event (for Guidelines) Held in Brussels

Representing an exciting opportunity, assisted by the new guidelines, to sign the way ahead for standards and standardisation in the arena of ICT for AHA.

Report: Guidelines for Standards around ICT for AHA for Age Friendly Communities

Including relevant metrics and providing a crucial link to a European and wider international agenda that is concerned with AHA and the empowerment and inclusion of older people.

Phase 2 Consultations

involving the four groups of stakeholders in discussion on the key project outputs. Targets relating to this deliverable will be considered within Task 3.2.

Report: Guidelines / Roadmap for Standards around ICT for AHA for Smart Homes that are Age-Friendly

Including relevant metrics and signalling both key requirements (including for standards) in terms of the ICT ‘input’ and clarity regarding the relationship with age-friendly communities.

Report: Standards and Good Practice Around ICT for AHA (including Gap Analysis)

Recognising and pointing to the way that good practice can be more firmly embedded around ICT for AHA in standards and the standardisation process.

Phase 1 Consultations

Regarding the frame of reference for the project and its ethical underpinnings. Targets relating to this deliverable will be considered within Task 3.2.

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