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Human Resource Management Tool Based on Emotional Intelligence

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - Appytalent (Human Resource Management Tool Based on Emotional Intelligence)

Berichtszeitraum: 2016-06-01 bis 2016-11-30

Job-related expertise and knowledge are essential in any profession. However, over the last twenty to thirty years, it has been recognised that perhaps Soft Skills (SS) may ultimately be more important to an individual’s job performance. The problem for employers is that, while selecting staff, it is impossible to determine whether candidates possess the emotional skills needed for the position. Job interviews and resumes are not enough. Employers often end up selecting a highly capable candidate with vast knowledge and experience, who then does not perform as expected. Candidates often lack the necessary emotional intelligence to successfully perform the required tasks. Predominantly, communication skills are missing, but additional knowledge in business or project management also ranks highly on the list of missing skills desirable for employees. This reduces the productivity of the company and economy at large.

• Low employability among candidates that need help to develop their Soft Skills and boost their Emotional Quotient.

• Unemployment, specially in in the public sector by contacting governmental entities to get them involved in the project and get public institutions to use our app.

• Offering a sustainable service, the company cuts cost and it is a “green” solution: no paper, no travel

• HR management uneffectiveness for companies with employees that need help to develop themselves and improve those SS they lack.

To create both employment and a better prepared workforce, thus boosting the market, labour productivity and enhancing competitiveness. This is of high relevance for the European economy and society, given that one of the European Commission's top priorities is to get Europe growing again and to increase the number of high quality jobs.

This are the reason because Playforapply is seeking to take to the market Appytalent application that will offer an innovative solution for companies in three aspects of their HR processes: a) assessing employees' emotional skills, b) training staff on the emotional skills they need to improve and c) recruitment.

To achieve these objectives, Playforapply carried out an in-depth market study to decide how to proceed, in particular to consider the specific business model that will optimize the service, with particular consideration given to the new module.
Despite the fact that we are sure of the technical viability of Appytalent, with the most technically challenging models developed and functioning, we understand now how best the new module can be effectively implemented within the service. We also have evaluated the commercial potential of the idea, selected the appropriate business model and decided that the existing modules need any technological adaptations.

The study has been focused on three key aspects:

1. An in-depth study of the market for Emotional Intelligence Solutions.
2. A technical verification of the project.
3. An updated business plan.
Appytalent is already finished the pilot stage of the first pilot with the Diagnostic and Development modules, but not still validated the Performance Review pilot and the objective is to cover the recruitment process with a final module that is under development: the Recruitment tool. This represents a significant opportunity for the company to start to commercialise in South Europe Market the Diagnostic and Development modules at the beginning of the next year, as an innovative solution to make staff recruitment more effective, increase employability among candidates and increase employee productivity. Their general objectives for the next years are still to launch Appytalent in the European market and to support job creation and labour market productivity.

Appytalent was presented to the Labour Responsible for the Local Catalan Government and won too the Enterpreneurship Prize offered by the current Catalan Economics Vicepresident in Sant Vicenç dels Horts.
Appytalent has been presented and tested for IDFO (Institute for the Training Development and Occupability) that allows to UGT union. The employees of IDFO are going to use Appytalent helping their users to increase their employability level.
Right now Appytalent signed an agreement with the UOC (Open Calonian University), and right now is a new tool used for the UOC graduated when they have to access to the labour market working with the UOC Career services.
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