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DARIAH ERIC Sustainability Refined


Organize DESIR final event

The final event will be held in Paris. The medium- and long-term future plans for DARIAH’s sustainability will be specified.

Summer/Winter School

Organisation of a Summer/Winter School to raise DARIAH's profile in education and training.

Workshop with research infrastructures

Organization of at least one workshop exploring generic challenges for RIs in order to learn about best-practice examples with regard to funding, governance, structure and software development, and use these for DARIAH.

Organize three international DARIAH workshops

The three international workshops will be held at the Library of Congress, Stanford University Library and Australian National Data Service. The events will be organised between month 3 and 33.

Organize training measures, including workshops in accession candidate countries

Workshops in each of the seven accession candidate countries will be organised.

Report about the skills base across existing and new DARIAH communities

Primary data for this report will be gathered via qualitative interviews with DARIAH members.

Final report

Based on central coordination and continuous support this work package ultimately aims to enlarge DARIAH and for new membership in six new European countries and Israel. The final report will outline progress and – if formal membership will not have been established in some countries during the project lifetime – the next steps with regard to DARIAH accession in these countries.

Gap Analysis of the DARIAH research infrastructure

Individual analysis of the three technology partners based on the introduction, overview and inventory of the DARIAH research infrastructure provided by UGOE-SUB.

Report on the DESIR kick-off event

The kick-off event brings together the whole consortium. It will be organised by the University of Ghent, with DARIAH and the University of Warsaw contributing to the organisation. A detailed report, outlining the outcomes, will be produced.

Quality Assurance Plan

The Quality Assurance Plan, delivered in month 3, will define all project quality control procedures.

Advocacy report

Prepare a report of the inclusion of DARIAH training measures into university curricula targeting PhD and MA students across Europe. Further integrate training with regard to DARIAH tools and services into tertiary education.

Policy recommendations and strategy report

Based on the empirical investigation a report with policy recommendations in terms of trust, gender, diversity and Open Access will be compiled. Furthermore, implementation strategies will be outlined.

Data Management Plan

This document will outline how the research data collected or generated will be handled during and after DESIR.

Workflow for new services

Due at the end of the project, (with preliminary results to be presented at the final event), including proof of concepts and pilot implementations of at least three new services.

Implementation of a centralized helpdesk and marketlace mockup

Develop and implement a centralized helpdesk for DARIAH services across Europe. Develop a mockup of the future DARIAH marketplace


Mapping digital humanities in Spain - 1993-2019

Autoren: Toscano, Maurizio; Aitor Díaz
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3893545; 10.5281/zenodo.3893546
Herausgeber: Zenodo