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Pilot scale demonstration of novel CO2 co-polymerisation catalysts in the PU polyol market

Risultati finali

Comparative LCA on 1-2 CO2-based polyols

Comparative life-cycle analysis of CO2-based polyols from Econic’s catalyst A full life cycle analysis will be conducted comparing the CO2-based polyol to two selected commercial polyols. This LCA, which will be certified by an accredited institute, will underpin the sustainability of the product offering, particularly to customers whose strategic interest in Econic is driven by improved sustainability of their PU products. The output of this task will contribute to the value analysis of the technology (task 7.2) and be published (task 7.4).

REACh registration status report and/or PPORD notification filed and accepted

Initiate REACH registration The catalyst will be considered a new substance under REACH. Econic will contact ECMA (European Catalyst Manufacturing association) to align its REACH registration approach with industry practice and file an enquiry with REACH through the toll manufacturer and through a third party consultant for confidentiality reasons. For initial catalyst volumes sold to customers for R&D purposes a PPORD notification might be submitted to ECHA in order to be exempted from registration. Any required tests with long lead times will be initiated/commissioned to REACH accredited laboratories.

Benchmarked PU formulations for up to 3 applications; data/samples

Demonstrate and benchmark product performance of resulting PUs Selected PU formulations from task 4.2 that have passed a relevant range of qualifying tests will be benchmarked against targeted commercial polyols in the same or similar PU formulations. The benchmarked data and demonstration samples will be critical in communicating the benefits of the catalyst technology to the customers and their downstream users. These product stories will be presented in papers and presentations at international conferences (task 7.4).

Datasheets on 1-3 polyols suitable for 1-4 PU applications.

Produce, characterise and tailor polyols for common generic PU applications Polyols will be produced and relevant properties for downstream PU formulation will be measured. Desirable characteristics of polyols for selected applications are understood and some tailoring of the polyols is likely required to approximate typical incumbent polyols used in these applications. Blends with commercial polyols may be required to obtain sufficiently useable characteristics.

Updated website, presentations, papers, marketing

Publish catalyst, polyol and downstream product performance at PU conferences Information gathered in tasks 2.1; 3.1, 3.4-5; 4.3-5, will be used for the generation of promotional material detailing the advantages of Econic catalysts for downstream products and processes allowing strategic advertising to be undertaken. Industry conferences will be attended with technical papers presented and published. Further market communications will be undertaken with conference exhibition stands. The company website will be updated to reflect recent advances in product technology as well as enhancing the customer user experience.


Use of CO2 based polyether carbonate polyols to enhance fire resistance in polyisocyanurate rigid foams

Autori: Mark Andrews, Richard French, Sarah Tickle, Leigh Taylor, Rakib Kabir, Michael Kember, Andrew
Pubblicato in: UTECH Europe 2018 conference presentation, Issue 29th-31st May 2018, 2018
Editore: Econic Technologies Ltd

Performance advancements in waterborne PUD coatings from CO2 based Polyether Carbonate Polyols

Autori: Rulande Rutgers, Sarah Tickle, Mark Andrews and Richard French
Pubblicato in: The Center for the Polyurethane Industry's annual Polyurethane Technical Conference, Issue 2nd-4th October 2017, 2017
Editore: American Chemistry Council

Catalytically Tuned Incorporation of Carbon Dioxide to Produce a Range of Diverse Polyols

Autori: Michael Kember, Rakib Kabir, Sarah Tickle and Richard French
Pubblicato in: The Center for the Polyurethanes Industry's annual Polyurethane Technical Conference, Issue 2nd-4th October 2017, 2017
Editore: American Chemistry Council

Turning waste CO2 into plastics

Autori: Rowena Sellens
Pubblicato in: Carbon Capture Journal, Issue Nov-Dec 2017, 2017, Page(s) pp7-9, ISSN 1757-2509
Editore: Future Energy Publishing

Friendly Foams: Building the UK’s first captured-carbon polymerisation plant

Autori: Anton Cummings
Pubblicato in: The Chemical Engineer, Issue May 2018, Issue 923, 2018, Page(s) pp40-44, ISSN 0302-0797
Editore: Institution of Chemical Engineers

Econic Technologies Q&A

Autori: Rowena Sellens, Gary Peters
Pubblicato in: Materials World, Issue June 2018, 2018, Page(s) pp36-37, ISSN 0967-8638
Editore: Maney Publishing

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