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FAST (Film Archive Superior Transfer) – A new paradigm for digital preservation of audio visual heritage through fast and cost-efficient film digitization


Currently, over 40 years of television records are deteriorating and will be lost. Existing solutions for film digitization are
complex and extremely expensive, especially for processing very large collections, such as television materials kept by the
major broadcasters. Nevertheless, there is a high commercial as well as public/societal interest in preserving those media
contents. Hence, several broadcasters have launched large scale digitization projects – representing multi-million Euro
efforts over several years – to save their media collections. Nevertheless, it is estimated that there are 50 to 100 million
hours of content on film worldwide, not including feature films, and only a few percent of these contents will be digitized with
the existing solutions.
FASTFORWARD wants to seize this market opportunity by offering an integrated solution consisting of proprietary hardware,
cloud-based software and support in one, easy-to-scale service. Our solution will disrupt the current digitization workflows
creating a new paradigm that will bring unprecedented speed (10x faster) and low cost (tenfold cost reduction) compared to
traditional film digitization processes.
Our solution consists of proprietary hardware components that can be readily adapted to commonly used equipment for film
visualization – namely a high-speed camera adapter, a light source adapter, and a sound recording adapter. In addition,
FASTFORWARD has been developing a cutting-edge platform infrastructure for content storage and management, with the
aim of creating added-value to our clients in the post-digitization phase.
The worldwide market for digitization of content on film is estimated at over €1 billion. This represents a huge business
opportunity for FASTFORWARD, which expects to grow from its current start-up phase towards a solid business, with a total
aggregated turnover of €55 million (2019-2023) and 30+ employees by 2023, and large potential to keep steady growth

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