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PerioSystem – smart dental practice management software

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - PERIOSYSTEM (PerioSystem – smart dental practice management software)

Periodo di rendicontazione: 2017-01-01 al 2017-06-30

Context: The European dental profession is yet to embrace the full potential of technological advances through digital devices. Dentists must rely on outdated and disjointed software systems to manage their practices, take clinical notes, analyze images and communicate with patients, and some use paper-based systems exclusively. Administrative tasks take up to 20% of a practitioner’s time, which could be more productively spent on treatment and diagnosis. Yet technology such as voice recognition, motion recognition and augmented reality can be harnessed to assist dentists, and when combined with a specialized practice management tool, can greatly reduce manual workload, increase productivity and improve patient health outcomes.

Solution: PerioSystem is the only integrated cloud-based dental management software system that combines the functionalities of five dental software services: practice management; patient communication; treatment planning; patient education; and accounting. It also introduces four major technology advances to clinical dentistry: (i) voice recognition; (ii) motion recognition; (ii) facial recognition; and (iv) augmented reality. This seamless bundling of technologies places PerioSystem far ahead of competitive solutions, which offer only partial services.

European Challenge: Such digitization would not only positively disrupt the dental profession, but also aligns with the European Commission’s Digital Agenda and eHealth Action Plan, which aims to support the uptake of digital tools and systems in lagging medical fields. Regulatory requirements are also pushing dentists to adopt new software systems for digital record keeping, as well as electronic health insurance reimbursement systems.
The objectives of the project:

Periosystem has undertaken a feasibility study with the expected outcomes:
(1) to validate the business concept by demonstrating the need for a product like PerioSystem;
(2) engage with customers to demonstrate user acceptance and
(3) test the prospects for European growth and international expansion considering the selected commercialisation plan.
The output of the study will be (1) a written report and (2) market outreach to demonstrate various aspects of the market that are critical for the success of the business.
The organization of clinical and administrative time represents a core problem for dentistry. Administrative tasks, record keeping and financial management create unnecessary stress for dentists and their support staff, when they should be focusing on patient care. Presently administrative tasks take up 20% of daily activity, treatment takes 50% and diagnosis 30%. This can be rebalanced through the adoption of new technologies.

The project has confirmed that PerioSystem reduces administrative time down to 11% of daily activity, thereby increasing diagnostic time by up to 10%, and eliminate up to 60% of missed appointments.
The resulting efficiencies lead to an annual financial benefit of at least €13,860 for the average dentist, or 14.9% of average revenues.

The result of the project was the validation of the concept, the development of new features leading to variations of its offer, on the basis of the pilots undertaken with the pilot practitioners, and led the company to understand its target markets much more in depth, both from a regulatory perspective, but also in terms of technology adoption and user requirements. It has furthermore enabled the company to enter into contact with practitioners abroad (leading to at least 3 scheduled pilots, in 3 countries).

The company now has a much more rigourous business plan and a clear understanding of the requirements that it is facing to make a market introduction, not only in its own market (France), but also abroad.