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Bio-based smart packaging for enhanced preservation of food quality.

Project description

Compostable packages for a greener future

The issue of sustainable packaging is more critical than ever before. The excessive use of plastic and non-recyclable materials has led to environmental degradation and a mounting waste crisis. In this context, the EU-funded BIOSMART project seeks to develop bio-based and compostable packages that cater to the specific requirements of fresh and pre-treated food applications. By integrating advanced technologies, BIOSMART will create packaging systems with enhanced active and smart functionalities, including light weighting, reduced food residues, shelf life monitoring, and easier consumer waste handling. Specifically, the project will focus on selectively integrating various cutting-edge elements into all-bio-based multilayer flexible plastic packages. These elements include superhydrophobic surfaces, microencapsulated phase change materials, barrier coatings, sensor devices, as well as bioactive antimicrobial and antioxidant components.


The BIOSMART project proposal has the ambition to develop active and smart bio-based and compostable packages addressing the needs of fresh and pretreated food applications. Moreover, the novel packaging system will form the basis for tailoring performance and functionality to specific flexible and rigid food packages in diverse market segments. A holistic ecosystem approach is pursued by offering solutions that bring enhanced performance and acceptable economics to the value chain and facilitate implementation and large-scale commercialization. Critical issues that differentiate the present packages from the future all-bio-based and compostable ones are enhanced active and smart functionalities that make possible: light weighting, reduced food residues, shelf life monitoring and longer shelf life, easier consumer waste handling, and all this at a competitive cost to the incumbent. The BIOSMART project proposal develops thus encompasses an approach for selectively integrating superhydrophobic surfaces, microencapsulated phase change materials, barrier coatings, sensoring devices, and new bio-active antimicrobial and antioxidants, into all-bio-based multilayer flexible plastic packages. Three generic packaging systems are selected with specific performance needs as defined by current multi-material (eg. pouches, terrines and cardboard/thin film tray). The associate life cycle assessments for the different possible scenarios include the economic feasibility. Ultimately, this consolidated knowledge is captured in a material selection and packaging performance simulation App. through optimization of all possible variables to meet selected key performance indicators (KPI).


Net EU contribution
€ 952 750,00
20600 Eibar Guipuzcoa

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Research Organisations
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€ 952 750,00

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