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Pulsed plasma technology for 2D materials integration


Atomically thin layers of transition metal dichalcogenides (TMD) are gaining increasing attention as new materials for future
Beyond-CMOS electronics. Recently, a great progress has been made in deposition of high quality layers of TMDs paving
the way towards wafer scale device manufacturing. However, many fundamental and technological challenges still have to
be addressed. Precise tuning of the number of layers, doping, surface functionalization and selective low damage etching of
TMDs are among the most critical technological steps. Plasma processing is an enabling technology used for doping,
etching and deposition of ultrathin layers in microelectronics industry. However, the application of plasmas for integration of
2D materials remains marginal and poorly controlled. The major challenge for plasma treatment of atomically thin materials
is the need for unprecedented control of fluxes and energies of plasma species at the substrate. Pulsed plasma technology
holds promise of reaching conditions required for low damage processing of 2D materials with a single atomic layer
precision. The ambition of PULSE2D is to develop highly controlled pulsed-plasma technology for integration of TMDs in
nano-electronic devices on a wafer-scale. A fundamental study of the mechanisms of interaction between pulsed plasmas
and atomically thin TMD materials will be performed. Defect production, adsorption and etching processes will be quantified
as a function of plasma parameters. This information will be used to perform atomic layer etching, functionalization and
defect healing of TMDs using pulsed plasmas. The research and training activities will enhance technical skills of the
candidate in the emerging area of plasma processing of 2D materials, industry-relevant nano-fabrication and measurement
of TMDs transport characteristics. High fundamental and technological interest and timeliness of this subject will provide a
powerful thrust for the future research career of the candidate.


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