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Perception of Eastern Religions in Europe


The issues of globalisation, intercultural relations, migration crisis and ecological crisis are among the most challenging problems that Europe is currently facing. In their core lies the issue of identity-otherness dual. The present project attempts to address these problems in an innovative way seeking to understand whether the current situation in Europe leads to transformation of the dominant European worldview and whether and how Eastern religions influence this process. Therefore, the aim of the project is to investigate the contemporary interrelation between Europe and Eastern religions.

The project combines study in the fields of comparative philosophy and religion, as well as philosophy, sociology and anthropology of religion. It has three major objectives: (1) a research objective, (2) an educational dissemination objective and (3) career advancement objective. The general research objective is to write a book with a working title “Eastern religions in Europe” investigating why and how Eastern religions penetrate and exist within the European worldview and society. The educational dissemination objective is to contribute to development of a tolerant attitude to otherness. Enrichment and extension of research, teaching and organisational skills and abilities of the researcher through the proposed research and training will contribute to her professional development, career advancement (full professorship) and development of new BA and MA courses at home University on religious and cultural interconnections between East and West.

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