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MULTIivariable Environmental Control System

Project description

Innovative system for electric air conditioning pack

Most industrial chemical engineering processes incorporate multivariable control systems, which can be found in various applications such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and even within cars. The EU-funded MULTIECS project aims to develop a multivariable control system (MCS) specifically for electric air conditioning packs. This will be achieved through the use of extended linearisation techniques, based on control-oriented thermodynamic modeling. The focus of the project will be to create real-time capable low-order models that can be calibrated using test results provided by the Topic Manager. The MCS design will be carried out in the MATLAB/Simulink environment to ensure compliance with the certification standards. Following successful simulation, experimental validation will be conducted at the Topic Manager’s facilities.


The goal of this project is the development of a Multivariable Control System (MCS) by means of extended linearization techniques, based on a control-oriented thermodynamical modelling for the electric air conditioning pack. The focus will be on developing real-time capable low-order models. In a second step, these models will be calibrated using test results from the Topic Manager. The subsequent MCS design will be performed in the Matlab/Simulink environment, in order to guarantee compatibility with the Topic Manager certification standards and processes. After successful simulation of the MCS implementation in Matlab/Simulink, an experimental validation of the MCS is aimed at the Topic Manager’s facilities. The different objectives of the MULTIECS project are itemized as follows:
• Derivation of symbolic control-oriented models for the electrical air-conditioning.
• Efficient parameter identification of the nonlinear dynamic models to used in the MCS design aiming a small number of necessary test cases.
• Development of the multivariable optimal control structure in the Matlab/Simulink taing advantage of the extended linearisation techniques, especially the SDRE design.
• Assessment by simulations and experimental validation of the multivariable control system.


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