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Understanding value co-creation in public services for transforming European public administrations


Project Website and Social Media

Development of the Project website and Social Media accounts.

Online prototype tracker

The online tracker will be based on the checklist of indicator, and will allow data gathering and data visualization regarding the implementation of the recommendations. It will be a dedicated mini-site, integrated in the main Co-VAL site. It will allow experts to upload data and display summary information per Member State.

Co-Design of the databases

This will include the design of good practices (LC) and the enrichment of research knowledge base (UAH).

Co-design of panel report

This delivery will present the goals and working methods of the stakeholders’ panel as the outcome of interactions between Co-VAL full members and Co-VAL panel members.

Methodology for monitoring

The deliverable will present the methodology to transpose the policy recommendations in yes/no indicators, corroborated by evidence.

Literature review on public service reform models

To review and evaluate existing evidence.

Research report on the case studies

To review and evaluate the evidence on current engagement from the case studies.

Mapping and instruments providing data on the co-creation of public services

The main objective is to provide a review of available data and to create comparative indicators on the use of co-creation and transformative service innovations in the public sector. The indicators will be designed to meet requirements for monitoring over time and benchmarking across countries.

Communication Plan

Detailed Communication plan outlining the communication strategy that will be applied by Co-VAL.

Report on cross country comparison on service design

The literature review report will convey findings on service design thinking, methods and techniques in use in various public service settings in Europe, it will analyse potential benefits and limitations of public sector service design in a PSDL perspective.

Draft questionnaires for cognitive testing plus the final questionnaires

The main output is two draft questionnaires (one for public sector organisations and one for NGO/private sector collaboration partners) for cognitive testing.

Guidelines for country experts

The document will be used by country experts (both partners and non-partners) to upload the data.

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