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Previble - The Previsualization Tool

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - Previble (Previble - The Previsualization Tool)

Berichtszeitraum: 2017-05-01 bis 2018-02-28

The process of an audio-visual production, such as film or TV series, is usually divided into the following phases; development, pre-production, shooting, post-production and the distribution phase. Digital previsualization is a technique used by the film industry to plan the actual shot of a scene, and is used to create a common visual goal in the pre-production phase. A large part of production issues are faced here, and one can for example decide which camera lens to use, what lighting works or how to design the set. In the traditional previsualization process animators create the vision of a customer by storyboards and software provided for animation, however providing the customer limited possibilities to participate and control the outcome. Much of this information is often lost, and a previsualization typically needs to be iterated many times before the production team is satisfied, costing money, time, and not always resulting in a realistic preview.

By introducing Previble, a previsualization tool developed by the Goodbye Kansas Group, we expect most of these problems to be resolved, making the previsualization process faster, easier, less expensive, more accurate and more environmentally friendly. The tool offers more experimentation in the creative process and better collaboration between the different team-members of the production team, helping filmmakers to further refine and perfect their vision and come up with new ideas. Producers will from their end also benefit with improved calculations and forecasts and reduce production risks.

The overall objective of the Previble project is to develop a tool that fills the customers' need for a versatile collaborative and cost-effective previsualization solution and to successfully communicate the finished product to the market. Ultimately, we strive for Previble to become the leading previsualization tool, and change the way films are produced.
For the purpose of this feasibility project, we have used multiple sources. Primary sources include internal and external interviews and workshops with experts and potential users, technical tests and analysis. Secondary sources, such as database and internet searches, has also been important. The Previble Project for Phase 1 achieved its main objective, a completed proof-of-concept with a successful demonstration. Furthermore the project has given Goodbye Kansas several ideas for future development as well as strong indications that the innovation is commercially appealing. We have also learned important information about the previsualization market, the innovation's capacity, potential partnerships, the go-to-market strategy and capital requirements.
The project has offered new ways of utilizing the innovation to resolve critical parts of the film production process. A successful implementation of the project could mean significantly less costs for audiovisual productions and allow for new creative and cultural achievements in the film industry.
Picture of Previble Beta