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breAkThrough innovaTion pRogrAmme for a pan-European Detection and Imaging eCosysTem

Descripción del proyecto

Tecnologías revolucionarias de detección y obtención de imágenes para la ciencia y la sociedad

El objetivo de la iniciativa ATTRACT, financiada con fondos europeos, es transformar en productos y servicios las tecnologías revolucionarias científicas del campo de la obtención de imágenes, la detección y la computación. Tras haber finalizado la primera fase del proyecto ATTRACT (ciento setenta proyectos que completaron la fase de prueba de concepto de doce meses), la segunda fase del proyecto, ATTRACT2, se centra en las oportunidades más prometedoras de la primera fase. Se hará hincapié en la transformación de las pruebas de concepto en aplicaciones claras en los ámbitos de la ciencia y la industria. El objetivo del proyecto es garantizar que ninguna idea revolucionaria que haya sido seleccionada se pierda por el camino. La iniciativa ATTRACT aborda el sector de la detección y la obtención de imágenes, un sector clave de la economía europea.


The ATTRACT Phase-1 project proposes a new collaboration paradigm aligned with the ‘Open Science, Open Innovation and Open to the World’ philosophy. Its objective is the identification and initial development of breakthrough detection and imaging technology concepts for expanding fundamental research frontiers and suitable for future industrial upscaling for novel applications and business. It promotes the involvement of national and pan-European Research Infrastructures and their associated research communities, industrial organizations (especially SMEs) and innovation and business specialists. It proposes a co-innovation approach in which scientific and industrial communities jointly pursue and generate breakthrough concepts in close and equal partnership. The project implementation starts with the launch of an Open Call by the project consortium for €17 million of financial support to Third-Parties. The proposals received will be peer-reviewed by an Independent R&D&I Committee of top experts in the field of detection and imaging technologies. After this process 170 breakthrough technology concepts will receive €100,000 of seed funding each (“lump sum”) to develop the concepts further during one year. The funded projects will then present their results in a Final Assessment Conference in Brussels. The ATTRACT Phase-1 consortium members will provide business assessments to the funded project teams to enhance awareness of future commercial applications. Furthermore, two pilots based on design thinking methodologies will be run for/with interdisciplinary master level students, aimed at discovering and generating social value applications inspired by the technologies of the funded projects. The ATTRACT Phase-1 project consortium comprises top partners capable of catalysing a large variety of key stakeholders towards a future unique European innovation ecosystem. The project will take 28 months to complete.

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