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Novel 1D photonic metal oxide nanostructures for early stage cancer detection


The project CanBioSe targeted to strengthen international and intersectoral collaboration, sharing new ideas and
knowledge transfer from research to market and vice versa in the field of nanostructured metal oxide optical biosensors for
cancer cells detection. Interdisciplinary project research and innovation goals are targeted to develop a new portable tool for
early stage cancer detection which can solve on of important health challenges in EU society. One dimensional (1D) polimer
nanofibers will be deposited by electrospinning technique. Photonic nanomaterials, based on metal oxide based
nanostructures (ZnO, ZnO/Al2O3 nanolaminates, Au/ZnO and ZnO/Au) will coat the 1D nanofibers. Metal oxides and Au
nanoparticles will be deposited with Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) and electrophoresis, respectively. Bioselective layer will
be formed by immobilization of specific antibodies on the biosensor surface. Photoluminescence and optical spectroscopy
will be used for recording of the biosensor signal. Biosensor testing will be performed on cancer cells (human chronic
lymphocyte leukemia (CLL) leucosis and acute lymphoblastic leucosis). The biosensor will be integrated with microfluidic
system in order to minimize dimensions and simplify the use of the detection system.
The project partners will provide research and training activities in the fields of nanotechnology, surface functionalization,
bioengineering, microfluidics and biosensor testing, market analysis and commercialization. Provided research and
management training to experienced researchers and early stage researchers will strengthen their personal skills and CVs
via new scientific papers and conference theses and strengthen a development of EU research human resources. Long
lasting collaboration between partners, based on co-supervising students and preparation of novel collaborative project
proposals is foreseen. Dissemination of the project results to scientific society and wide auditories is foreseen.


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