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Catching–Up along the Global Value Chain: models, determinants and policy implications in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Risultati finali

Dataset on “Global Trade Specialisation”

This deliverable will be an open access online dataset built data provided by Eurostat and other statistical offices, which will allow to update the tool on monthly / quarterly basis as new data will become available, and will be published in the website of the project.

Training School

This deliverable will provide the organisation of an interactive Training School (TS), targeting ESRs of the network. The TS will aim at widening the knowledge of the activities, providing intensive training on the project’s topics.

Windows of Opportunities, Global Value Chain and Catching Up

This deliverable will present a set of model to study how the opening of windows of opportunities affects catching up through the restructuring of global value chains. Both the development of the models and their presentation in the project deliverable will present strong links with the case studies treated in D1.1. The reference literature will consist of the standard development literature as well as the dynamic models in the evolutionary and history–friendly tradition.

Catching Up among Firms, Industries and Countries

This deliverable is a consistent review of the methodological literature concerning catching up among firms, industries and countries. In particular, the first part of the report surveys the growing empirical literature on catching up by discussing the main driving forces of catching up during the recent decades. Furthermore, it covers the methodological features of the indicators used to map and measure this phenomenon. The deliverable will also take into account much of the firm level empirical evidence that is based on qualitative assessment (case studies) or is model based with “weak” proxy variables.

Research Report on “New paradigms BMs for SMEs for entering, learning and upgrading in GVCs in the era of 4IR”

This deliverable will report on the various approaches in literature that define the point of entry for a value chain analysis, that is a concern with SMEs, which feed into a number of value chains, might require the research to focus on final markets, buyers and their buyers in a number of sectors, and on a variety of input providers. This deliverable will be also a literature review on research already undertaken and ongoing methodologies, methods and models for firms in upgrading in GVCs. It will be a summary of the relevant contributions from existing bodies of the literature and will identify the theoretical foundations for the research that will be carried out in this project. It will identify the level of novelty and relevance of the research described in this project, helping to clarify and refine the focus, research questions and hypotheses that will be addressed in the era of 4IR.

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