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CORDIS - Risultati della ricerca dell’UE

Supporting the scale and growth of Digital Social Innovation in Europe through coordination of Europe’s DSI and CAPS Networks

Risultati finali

Ongoing update and facilitation of

Linked to Task 1.4, this deliverable will demonstrate continued updates to functionality, maintenance, and provision of new content for the website.

Thematic clusters analysis on

Linked to Task 2.2, and building upon the experiences of clusters gathered through Super Nodes, this deliverable will analyse trends within different DSI clusters.

Trend Analysis (1)

This deliverable will consist of the first set of trend analyses (of three) on how emerging technology will affect DSI and the potential it holds to deliver social impact.

Report on growth of DSI network, communication and engagement

This deliverable will provide an analysis at high and low levels of the state of DSI in Europe, as well as reporting on DSISCALE's engagement and communication activities.

Trend Guides

Linked to tasks 3.1-3.3 in particular, this deliverable will analyse how emerging trends might affect DSI and society in the future, using qualitative and quantitative research alongside innovation mapping tools.

Report: Methods for scaling DSI through Super Nodes

"Linked to Task 2.1, this deliverable will provide an overview of the ways in which ""Super Nodes"" currently successfully support the scaling of DSI projects."

Future scenarios and future DSI project stories

Linked to Task 3.4 and others in WP3, this deliverable will present engaging and accessible scenarios for possible DSI future scenarios.

Prototype index

This deliverable will be a prototype version of the DSI index, exploring and analysing capacity in DSI ecosystems across Europe and the conditions conducive to DSI growth.

Peer learning events with DSI practitioners

Linked to Task 2.3, we will hold a number of peer learning events for DSI stakeholders focusing on different clusters over the course of DSISCALE.

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