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Smart and intuitive osseointegrated transfemoral prostheses embodying advanced dynamic behaviors


Ethical issues

The deliverable reports on the work done in Task 2.4 on the ethical issues. More specifically, it will focus on the research protocols that will be prepared for the clinical validations.

Amputee’s requirements

The Deliverable reports on the work done in Task 2.1 on the requirements of the transfemoral amputees.

First prototype sEMG sensors and control algorithms

The deliverable reports on the work done in Tasks 5.1 on the development of a wearable system for HD-EMG, and in Task 5.2 on the control algorithms for sEMG sensors.

Benchmark definition, related performance measures, and MyLeg prosthetic system requirements

This Deliverable reports on the work done in Task 2.2 on the benchmark specification of the MyLeg system and related performance measures, and in Task 2.3 on the overall MyLeg system requirements.

Project identity and dissemination material schedule

This deliverable presents the materials (poster, leaflets, ..) prepared for public visibility of the MyLeg project.

Project website and overall online presence

This deliverable presents the web-page introducing the MyLeg project and partners.

Open data management plan

This deliverable reports on the open data management plan.

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